Latest Sunrooms News

  • Sunrooms: Pre-fab or site-built?

    Deciding you want a sunroom is the easy part. Choosing between pre-fab or site-built could be much more difficult. Here are the pros and cons to both to make your choice a little more informed and little less stressful.

  • 360-degree architecture: exterior appeal on all sides

    Does your home look as good from the back and sides as from the front? Learn about 360-degree architecture, this year's new home design trend, and how to use the concept to remodel your existing home.

  • Best 2014 room additions for ROI: consider your location

    Your home is too small for your growing household but you love the location. Adding square footage or repurposing under-utilized space could be the solution. Just don't price yourself out of your market.

  • Sunroom Contractors

    Unless you're a very advanced DIYer with a full toolbox, building a sunroom is probably more work than you're prepared to tackle yourself. If you've been hesitant to call in a professional to do the job, here are some suggestions on how to find a competent contractor.

  • Sunroom Costs

    Sunroom costs depend on many different factors, including glass types, insulation and the extent of construction needed. Before you decide on a pre-fabricated sunroom, ground-up construction or a full room conversion, get a better idea of the varying sticker prices for each option.

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