Latest Siding News

  • How To Repair Siding

    Vinyl siding is easy to work with and some siding repairs are DIY-friendly if you follow a few basic guidelines. From wavy panels to water leaks, once you get to the root of the problem, repairing should be relatively straighforward. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Siding Contractors

    Most siding contractors install the basic types of siding, so your greatest concern in choosing a contractor will be his performance. From locating local contractors to handling payment, learn the six steps to finding the right contractor.

  • Siding Costs

    These three top siding options--vinyl, fiber cement or wood--can give your home a budget-friendly exterior makeover, but remember to add long-term maintenance into your final siding costs.

  • Siding Materials

    Siding materials come with pros and cons: Cost, durability and aesthetics are the triumverate in factoring which type of siding to choose. Do your homework by researching products and materials well before you hire a contractor. You'll probably strike a better deal.

  • Siding Styles

    If you're considering new siding for your home, take a look at the strong points these rustic styles have to offer. From cedar to log to shake siding, you can transform your home into the vacation retreat you've always dreamed of.

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