Latest Home Security News

  • 9 smart home products to make life easier

    If you own smart home products you control from your smart phone, you're connected to the Internet of Things. These nine examples of smart home technology can make your home work harder for your convenience.

  • Home upgrades buyers demand in 2015

    If you want to sell your home in 2015, these home upgrades can help. From inexpensive to spending a pretty penny, this list of home improvements offers something for anyone who wants to unload their property this year.

  • 6 high-tech options to make your home stand out

    Want to make your home stand out from the crowd? These six high-tech solutions can make the house attractive to potential buyers -- and might even make you think twice about moving.

  • Home security systems: How much is enough?

    A good home security system discourages home burglary and provides you peace of mind. But do you need one that's monitored? What about contracts, cameras and costs? Here's an overview to start your research.

  • Under lock and key: protecting your home from invasion [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Crime statistics combined with expert commentary to help you protect your home, your valuables and loved ones from burglaries.

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