Latest Roofing News

  • Is a residential solar energy system in your future?

    Just how feasible is a residential solar energy system for your home? Learn more about the future outlook for PV installation and what to consider before buying or leasing.

  • 6 tips for buying a small solar energy system

    Want a net-zero energy house? A small solar energy system could help you achieve your goal. Follow these six necessary steps as you research whether it's right for you.

  • 4 essential home upgrades almost no one sees

    Putting insulation in your attic is about as exciting as a root canal -- but both have their benefits. Here are four not-so-glamorous home improvements that just might be more important than a kitchen remodel.

  • Home inspection fail: electrical, plumbing, and roofing, oh my!

    Home inspectors turn up problems you may never have known about otherwise. So what are the most common problems they find? Some are relatively cheap to repair; others may send buyers running from the house.

  • Which roof is right for you?

    When doing a roof replacement, ROI should be considered to ensure a decent return on your investment. But regional climate should also play a big part in your decision. Find out what's recommended for your area.

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