Latest Roofing News

  • The best and worst money-saving DIY projects

    You can save a lot of money on home improvement projects by doing the work yourself. But some jobs end up more costly, and even downright dangerous, if you don't do them right. Know which projects to take on, and which to leave to the pros.

  • 10 ways you're ruining your home - and how not to

    Are you ruining your home without realizing it? From unseen leaks to stopped up plumbing, here are 10 common mistakes that could be ruining your home and how to remedy them.

  • 5 funniest home mishaps from the movies

    Renovation accidents aren't funny - unless they're in your favorite films. These funny mishaps in some of the most iconic movies can give you a chuckle as you wrestle with your own renovation plans.

  • Is white the new green in roofing options?

    Search online for 'green roofing,' and images of rooftop vegetation sprout up first, but you don't need an actual green roof for sustainability, longevity, and energy-efficiency. Consider any of these other green roofing options.

  • Is your home telling you to remodel?

    Want to upgrade your roofing to a metal roof, get replacement windows or change out your kitchen appliances? These guidelines can help you decide when it's time.

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