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  • Remodel on $100 extra a month

    You want to make upgrades to your home but have only an extra $100 a month to spare. Learn how you can use it with these financing options for home improvements.

  • 2 satisfying home improvements with little resale value

    Two of this homeowner's many projects may hurt him when he sells his house. Will the investment in a pool and the conversion of an extra bedroom into a home office limit prospective buyers?

  • Swimming pool components: how long can they last?

    Curious as to how long that swimming pool will last? We provide the lowdown on the life expectancies of swimming pool parts and their replacement costs.

  • 7 home improvement money pits

    Don't throw your money down a hole.  Understand which home improvement projects it's best to avoid.

  • Swimming Pool Styles And Shapes

    Not long ago, swimming pool styles and shapes were simple. You had a choice of a few shapes and two styles. These days, swimming pools are branching out into the artistic and the extreme. From built in jacuzzis to man made waterfalls, the sky is the limit when it comes to your new pool.

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