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  • 4 solutions to common water problems

    If your water is hard, smelly, icky, or otherwise unappealing, we've got the answers you need. These solutions to common water problems are sure to get you back to sweet, clear, and cold water in no time.

  • 10 ways you're ruining your home - and how not to

    Are you ruining your home without realizing it? From unseen leaks to stopped up plumbing, here are 10 common mistakes that could be ruining your home and how to remedy them.

  • Best ways to save water during a long, dry summer

    The severe drought in California has taught us many things, including an express need for water conservation -- right now, not later. These tips can help ensure that you use less water and help the environment as much as possible.

  • 8 green upgrades to save money

    Looking for green remodel ideas that will save money in the long run? These great ideas can help the environment while keeping more money in your pocket.

  • 10 terrible, no good, pricey home repairs

    The costly home repairs you dread? You might be able to avoid them with regular maintenance. Learn how to protect your home and your wallet from structural damage and expensive contractor bills.

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