Latest Painting News

  • 3 ways Old Man Winter can rob you

    Cold weather has arrived in many parts of the country. Do you know how to properly winterize your home so you don't waste energy dollars?

  • House Painting Costs

    Painting can be a fun DIY project. Use these tips to figure out how much paint to buy and what the costs might be to purchase all the necessary equipment.

  • How to Paint Your House

    Interior and exterior home painting are very different jobs. Learn the distinctions and decide whether it's better to "Do-it-Yourself" or hire a licensed painting contractor.

  • Paint Brands

    You want your home renovation project to last. That's why the quality of your paint matters so much. Deciding on a color, or range of colors, is not the only decision awaiting you. You'll also have to decide on a brand. There are many paint brands competing for your business; here is the lowdown on the best of the best.

  • Painting Colors

    Many people feel completely lost about choosing paint colors. They stay with white because it's safe, while admiring the beautiful colors in decor magazines. Finding the right palatte for your home can involve little more than familiarity with basic color schemes and some experimentation. Read on and take heart!

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