Latest Painting News

  • New Year's resolutions: for self-improvement try home improvements

    Make this the year you accomplish your New Year's resolutions for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Learn how making certain home improvements can help you accomplish your self-help goals.

  • Home trends through the decades

    If you have a dated appliance or walls that haven't been repainted since the house was built, fear not. What you have was once the most popular style available. Take a look back at hot and trendy home improvements from the 1950s through the 2000s.

  • Aging in place: what to consider sooner than later

    Are you thinking about aging in place in your current home? Consider the financial benefits, and then if you decide to stay, plan to make these unobtrusive but necessary renovations to be ready for lifestyle changes.

  • Cutting-edge nanotechnology comes home

    Nanotechnology may be old news to engineers, but this could be a whole new world for home improvements. Find out more about nanotech and two of the latest products: a countertop material that shows no fingerprints and a paint-on coating that purifies the air.

  • Personalize your home: Pick colors that stand out in a good way

    Overwhelmed by which exterior paint scheme would be best for your home? Take these tips into consideration and don't forget to ask the experts before you commit to one of a million safe shades of beige.

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