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  • 10 spring DIY projects for the whole family to enjoy

    Get the whole household involved in your spring DIY projects this year. Here are 10 projects suitable for all skill sets. Have fun and enjoy the fruits of your efforts this summer.

  • Where to spend your remodeling budget

    Remodeling ideas might be limitless, but your funds definitely aren't. Which remodeling project should you choose to sink that money into? Here are a few good ways to go, depending upon your lifestyle.

  • Curb appeal tips to recover from winter's fury

    When winter takes a toll on your property, freshening up curb appeal is a must. These tips will boost curb appeal and show potential buyers the beauty they can have, despite Old Man Winter's attempts to undermine it.

  • How our homes can help us stop wasting water

    With drought conditions impacting a huge percentage of the U.S., we all need to do our part to conserve water. Here's how your house can help you use less H2O.

  • Perfect summer DIY projects

    Summer is the time to get things done! Here are a few great DIY projects, in order from easiest to toughest, that you can tackle during those dog days.

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