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  • 10 staycation ideas to make the most of summer

    You don't have to go far or spend much to make amazing memories this summer.

  • 8 kid-friendly summer DIY projects

    Summer is a great time to beautify your home and garden, but the kids are underfoot. Get them involved. Here's what you need to know about doing summer DIY projects with kids.

  • How to make or break your home sale

    What determines which houses will sell and which ones will languish on the market? These are the most common problems that prevent a sale, as well as the most common must-haves that ensure a good deal.

  • 10 home improvements that can really hurt

    You wanted to try out DIY to save some money - but now you're in the emergency room, cursing yourself for the mistake that landed you there. Here are the 10 home improvement projects most likely to land you in stitches.

  • 10 simple (and cheap) backyard upgrades

    Looking for some great backyard upgrades that won't break the bank this summer? Look no further than this list of awesome hacks that can get you closer to the great outdoors.

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