Latest Landscaping News

  • Transplant Trees and Shrubs in Fall

    Fall is an excellent time to transplant trees and shrubs. Cooler temperatures help reduce the stress plants endure when moved. Yet, it's still warm enough for their roots to establish themselves before going dormant for winter. These tips will help you move your plants and trees this fall, so they're ready to burst out with fresh growth in spring.

  • Warning: 3 Trees You Should Never Plant

  • How to make an awesome teepee playhouse

    Carve out some time this weekend and build a fantastic wooden teepee that your kids can play in for hours.

  • 5 DIY projects for an awesome yard

    Looking for a way to make your yard more welcoming? These DIY projects can liven up the yard and make you want to spend even more time out there this summer.

  • 10 green luxury home trends

    We've been over-watering our grass and overheating our homes for years, but these eco-friendly trends in luxury homes may change that. Here are the green ideas homeowners are now embracing.

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