Latest Kitchen News

  • Tax refund? Home improvements are worthwhile ways to invest it

    If you overpaid Uncle Sam and receive a tax refund, home improvements can be a wise way to spend on comfort and may even add to the resale value of your home. Learn what your refund dollars buy.

  • Where to spend your remodeling budget

    Remodeling ideas might be limitless, but your funds definitely aren't. Which remodeling project should you choose to sink that money into? Here are a few good ways to go, depending upon your lifestyle.

  • 10 improvements to make your new home move-in ready

    You've bought a new home, and you can't wait to pack up and move, but few homes are 100 percent move-in ready. First, consult this checklist of home improvements that are best completed before moving day.

  • Is your home telling you to remodel?

    Want to upgrade your roofing to a metal roof, get replacement windows or change out your kitchen appliances? These guidelines can help you decide when it's time.

  • The best renovations for aging in place

    Do you want to stay in your home as long as possible? Many homeowners are opting for renovations that allow for aging in place. Start now on universal design to ensure a comfortable future in your own house.

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