Latest Kitchen News

  • Best summer home renovation projects

    Planning on home renovations? These home improvements are best tackled during the summer, when the weather is warm and the weekends are long and lazy. Here's a list of upgrades to try before fall.

  • Attention, Boomers: Universal design tips for your new house

    Do you want to build a home that you can enjoy through your golden years? Baby boomers will be happy to know that building a new house with these universal design features, such as a walk-in tub, will help them age in place.

  • 5 upgrades that sell your home

    Before you put your home on the market, choose the best upgrades. These home improvements can help ensure that your house gets the best return on investment in a competitive market.

  • Kitchen remodel ideas: DIY or call the contractor?

    Homeowners with costly creative kitchen remodel ideas may think DIY can save them money. Learn what types of kitchen remodel projects are suitable for various DIY skill levels and which you should let the professionals do.

  • Green home remodel ideas for kitchens and baths

    Green means something different depending on what your remodeling and environmental priorities are. Here are some questions and products to consider if you are planning a green kitchen or bath remodel.

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