Latest Kitchen News

  • 5 remodeling tips to sell your home in a hot market

    Houses are selling like ice cream on a sweltering day, but smart remodeling choices get your home to market faster and save unnecessary expenditures. Here's what to upgrade to sell your home in a hot market.

  • How to maximize kitchen cabinet storage and style

    No matter how large or small your kitchen, it seems you could always use more -- or better -- cabinet space. You don't to need remodel your kitchen to get it, though. Maximize your kitchen cabinets to amplify storage and style.

  • 12 months to an upgraded home

    You know your home needs some refreshing, but where do you start? Here's a twelve-month strategy for prioritizing which projects to tackle and how to proceed month-by-month from start to finish.

  • 11 home design trends we can't stand anymore

    Sure, it was great in the beginning. But some home design trends have worn out their welcome, and it's time for them to be shown the door. Here are the overused trends that must go away.

  • 4 home improvements that offer more than ROI

    Investing in improving your home is not always about how many dollars you get back, especially if you don't plan to sell all that soon. These four home improvements can pay you back with more than money.

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