Latest Insulation News

  • Home insulation: DIY or HAP?

    If you want to save money and aren't afraid to get a little dirty, installing additional insulation can increase your home's energy efficiency. Find out which insulation projects are DIY and which ones need professional installation.

  • 4 home insulation projects for good ROI

    Interested in a home-improvement project that pays for itself in just a few short years, adds value to your home and makes life better? Check out these high-ROI home insulation projects.

  • How insulation R-values can affect your bottom line

    You should have a basic understanding of R-values and how they can make your home more energy-efficient. Learn what R-value is and whether your home's insulation is sufficient or whether an upgrade is in order.

  • Insulation: hidden key to comfort and savings

    Insulation is the part of your house that you never see. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't think about it.

  • 4 insulation types to keep your home comfy

    Insulation upgrade choices are many, but climate, budget, wind factors and whether you plan to do the installation or hire a professional must be considered. Here are pros and cons of four popular insulation types.

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