Latest Insulation News

  • Net zero energy homes: Ready for prime time?

    Net zero energy homes that produce as much energy as they use were once the holy grail of energy efficiency but are now attainable. Are you ready to make this giant leap toward energy conservation?

  • Your home's secret money-saver

    High utility bills got you down? Find out how adding insulation can help and which type might work best for your home.

  • 4 essential home upgrades almost no one sees

    Putting insulation in your attic is about as exciting as a root canal -- but both have their benefits. Here are four not-so-glamorous home improvements that just might be more important than a kitchen remodel.

  • Upgrading your insulation: Is net zero energy use possible?

    Creating a net zero energy home can involve a lot of improvements, but never having to pay a utility bill again and helping the earth can definitely make it worth your while. Find out how your home's outer envelope works and what insulation is available to start you on your journey toward the ultimate in "green" homes.

  • Passive House Windows: The pinnacle of energy efficiency

    Window technology becomes more energy efficient every few years, but passive house windows far exceed the standards of most new or replacement windows. Learn how passive house requirements raise the bar for energy efficiency.

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