Latest Hot-tubs News

  • Hot Tub Contractors

    Buying a permanent versus a portable hot tub means dealing with hot tub installation. Learn the differences between a portable spa or a permanent in-ground hot tub, and how to find the best contractor to handle the installation.

  • Hot Tub Costs

    Don't let unexpected expenses surprise you. Hot tub costs are usually higher than the sticker price. Be sure to consider the costs of preparing the hot sub site, delivery of hot tub, and other add ons like a cover or a deck to surround the hot tub. Do your homework before you buy, so you're prepared for the bottom line.

  • Hot Tub Styles and Shapes

    Styles and shapes of hot tubs are a few of the choices you'll need to make, but first you need to ask the right questions before purchasing your new home spa.