Latest Heating and Cooling News

  • 6 energy tax credits saved from 'the cliff'

    Some tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements were rescued from the fiscal cliff or reinstated after expiring in 2011. See which ones can earn you a tax credit now in addition to saving you money on utilities.

  • HVAC tax credits: they're back!

    The recent Fiscal Cliff deal contains a provision that has largely gone unnoticed. Find out how you may now be eligible for a tax credit when upgrading to more energy efficient HVAC equipment.

  • Secrets to smart seasonal home maintenance

    It's always a good time to resolve to be a responsible, organized homeowner. These tips can help you track your home maintenance tasks for a smoothly running home and fewer costly home repairs.

  • 5 resolutions for energy savings

    Take advantage of technology, rebates, and tax incentives to save money on your energy bills in 2013. It is easier than you think.

  • HVAC: What kind of longevity can you expect?

    Purchasing new HVAC equipment can be a major investment. Find out how long various components should last and whether they might be a good choice for your home.

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