Latest Heating and Cooling News

  • Heat through history

    If this were the 1940s, could you still afford to keep your home cozy through the winter? Find out with this look at heating through the decades. The way things have changed may surprise you, but what's stayed the same is shocking.

  • Trending: energy-saving home improvements

    Homeowners are increasingly thinking green when planning renovations, and with good reason: improving your home's efficiency isn't just good for the environment. It's also good for your bottom line.

  • Geothermal heating and cooling: Can you benefit?

    Installing a geothermal heat pump could qualify you for a hefty tax credit. Learn what geothermal heating and cooling is, whether you can benefit from it, and why it's considered an energy-efficient upgrade.

  • 5 energy-efficient upgrades for landlords

    If you've been lucky enough to scoop up a great deal on a property and you're planning to rent it out, find out about some energy-efficient upgrades could improve your bottom line.

  • Home energy audits: savings or sales hype?

    An energy audit can offer recommendations for making your home more energy efficient, but is your inspector really qualified or just there to give a sales pitch? Learn what to expect from an audit.

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