Latest Heating and Cooling News

  • Do your home components need updating?

    Major components in your home may last for years, but it's best to be prepared for the inevitable. Know their life expectancy and the signs they are failing so there are no big surprises.

  • 3 cool energy-saving home improvements for summer

    It's summer and as the temperature rises, so do tempers when utility bills arrive. Here are three energy-saving home improvements for keeping cool and keeping your cool by putting a lid on energy costs.

  • Why it's smart to choose Wi-Fi HVAC units

    Your smart house just got a little smarter. HVAC units that can be controlled via Wi-Fi promise to make your home even more comfortable, affordable, and of course, intelligent.

  • Is your HVAC system trying to tell you something?

    Is it time for new HVAC equipment? These telltale signs may give you some advance warning that an HVAC system inspection should be done and new equipment might be in your future.

  • 5 strange house sounds explained

    Those strange sounds coming from your house send shivers up your spine. But it doesn't mean you have a ghost - or even necessarily a broken-down home. Here are five explanations for the spooky sounds you hear.

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