Latest Heating and Cooling News

  • Common home problems and how to solve them

    When fall and winter roll around, so do a few unique home problems. Here's how you can fix those problems and prevent them from happening again.

  • Replacement windows: Are they your only option?

    As winter approaches, are you dreading another season of high heating bills? There may not be room in your budget this year for the replacement windows that can help keep your energy costs under control, but these less expensive methods for making your existing units more energy efficient may help.

  • The do-it-yourself home energy audit for fall

    Get ready to save money this winter! A do-it-yourself home energy audit can help you spot trouble signs before the cold wind blows, and that can save you big bucks.

  • 4 essential home upgrades almost no one sees

    Putting insulation in your attic is about as exciting as a root canal -- but both have their benefits. Here are four not-so-glamorous home improvements that just might be more important than a kitchen remodel.

  • Perfect summer DIY projects

    Summer is the time to get things done! Here are a few great DIY projects, in order from easiest to toughest, that you can tackle during those dog days.

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