Latest Heating and Cooling News

  • 5 reasons to join the small house movement

    Small homes gained popularity during the recession, and the trend continues to have momentum. Find out why many believe the small house trend is here to stay.

  • Keeping cool without the AC

    Summer heat got you feeling cranky? Don't want to run up the AC bill? Here are some great tips on how to stay cool without turning on the air conditioning. It can be done!

  • Remodel on $100 extra a month

    You want to make upgrades to your home but have only an extra $100 a month to spare. Learn how you can use it with these financing options for home improvements.

  • 10 terrible, no good, pricey home repairs

    The costly home repairs you dread? You might be able to avoid them with regular maintenance. Learn how to protect your home and your wallet from structural damage and expensive contractor bills.

  • 10 must-dos before moving

    You made it through the house closing and you're preparing for the big move. Now put these 10 items on your must-do list before loading the truck.

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