Latest Flooring News

  • Rambler reno: open plan at '60s prices?

    Is your 1960s rambler stuck in the '60s? What would it cost you today at '60s prices adjusted for inflation to add a modern great room -- with and without contemporary bells and whistles?

  • Flooring that stands the test of time

    Natural plank floors, sheet vinyl, and wall-to-wall carpets were flooring choices that were cost-effective, available, and fashionable in their day. How will today's flooring stand the tests of durability, flooring trends, and your flooring budget?

  • Committing to flooring: 3 questions help you choose

    New flooring, like marriage, is usually beautiful at first. But if your flooring -- or spouse -- loses its luster prematurely, parting ways can be an ordeal. Ask yourself these three questions before you choose flooring.

  • A hardwood flooring adventure ends happily

    Joanna Kennedy got new hardwood floors, but she also got an education along the way. Here's what worked for her -- and what didn't -- when it was time to have that hardwood installed.

  • New carpeting: from budgeting to installation

    After seven years of living with their old floors, Joanna and Dennis Kennedy wanted new carpeting. This is their journey, from figuring out new carpet costs to working with the flooring contractor to create the look that suited their house and their budget.

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