Latest Flooring News

  • 12 months to an upgraded home

    You know your home needs some refreshing, but where do you start? Here's a twelve-month strategy for prioritizing which projects to tackle and how to proceed month-by-month from start to finish.

  • 13 handy smartphone apps for home improvement

    Are you planning home improvements, either DIY or professionally designed and executed? Make these helpful smartphone apps your first installation before measuring, calculating, designing, and/or hiring professionals to do your remodel.

  • The best and worst money-saving DIY projects

    You can save a lot of money on home improvement projects by doing the work yourself. But some jobs end up more costly, and even downright dangerous, if you don't do them right. Know which projects to take on, and which to leave to the pros.

  • 3 places not to scrimp on home improvements

    If your home is poorly insulated, there are definitely some things you can do to improve it - but repairs could be costly. To keep costs down, avoid these three rookie mistakes when it comes to insulating your home addition, kitchen, or bathroom remodel.

  • 3 ways to refinish wood floors and furniture

    When it's time to refinish a floor or refurbish a nice piece of furniture, identifying the original finish is the first step. Here's how to identify the various finishes and make your floor or furniture look like new.

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