Latest Fencing News

  • 8 steps to building a good fence

    If you want good neighbors on the other side of the good fence equation, following these eight steps before starting to build your new fence can't hurt.

  • Fence Materials

    Whether for privacy, protection or decoration, there are so many fence materials to choose from. From vinyl to chain link, wood and more--it's easy to find a fence to match your needs. Spend extra for a maintenance-free fence, or save a buck and put more elbow grease into upkeep.

  • Fence Styles

    When choosing among types of fences for your property, consider both style and functionality. Options include the traditional white picket fence, as well as privacy, chain link, iron and more. Learn about the different fence styles, and find out how to reach a contractor in your area.

  • How To Paint Or Stain A Fence

    A good quality stain or paint has two important functions: It improves the appearance of a fence, while protecting against insects, rot and other environmental hazards. When deciding between painting or staining a fence, note that the differences range from cost, functionality, and aesthetic to the actual process of application.

  • How to Repair a Fence

    A damaged fence can be an eye sore or a more serious problem. Learn about the different types of fence repair, including posts, chain link, rails and slats.

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