Latest Door News

  • Door Costs

    Looking to buy a new door? Costs vary on a number of different factors, so it's important to know what's most important to you. You'll need to consider materials, installation and energy efficiency, for starters. Get the scoop on what determines that price tag.

  • Front Door Styles

    In the market for a new front door? Explore entry door styles; from traditional to craftsman, rustic, modern and more, and learn about materials and costs that match every home's architecture--and your budget.

  • How to Install a Door

    Is door installation a do-it-yourself project you can handle? Find out more about how to install a door before you decide to get started.

  • How to Repair a Door

    If you want to repair a door in your home, here are three easy do-it-yourself fixes you can handle without calling a professional.

  • Interior Door Styles

    Just because your home came with certain types interior doors doesn't mean you can't swap them for something different. Changing interior doors can open up spaces, and make rooms brighter, more modern, or more private. Learn more about interior door styles before you make your choice.

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