Latest Door News

  • How to check your windows and doors for costly air leaks

    If your home windows and doors have energy-wasting air leaks, you might be losing money every month trying to keep warm. Thankfully, finding and fixing these trouble spots is easy and cost-effective.

  • Interior and exterior doors: life expectancy, cost and more

    How many more years does your front door have? How much might a new one cost? Learn everything you need to know about common residential doors, including life expectancy, pros, cons and cost. 

  • Door Contractors

    Replacing a door in your home may not be as easy as you think. When choosing your material, style, and manufacturer, you may want to find a door contractor with a specialty in your product. In fact, your warranty may depend on it.

  • Exterior Door Styles

    When considering exterior door styles, keep in mind these three essentials: materials, door design and your home's architecture. These are the cornerstones of door shopping. It's important to find a complementary combination that will match your house and budget, and impact your home's curb appeal.

  • How To Paint Or Stain A Door

    Wood doors require regular painting and staining to look their best. Instructions on how to paint or stain a door depend greatly on the material used to create the door. Whether painting or staining, it's important to start with a clean, smooth surface. Here are some general rules to follow for a professional quality finish.

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