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  • 4 home improvements that offer more than ROI

    Investing in improving your home is not always about how many dollars you get back, especially if you don't plan to sell all that soon. These four home improvements can pay you back with more than money.

  • 12 DIY projects for every budget and skill level

    Looking to upgrade your home? Deciding which projects to tackle can be tough. We've got some recommendations.

  • 3 places not to scrimp on home improvements

    If your home is poorly insulated, there are definitely some things you can do to improve it - but repairs could be costly. To keep costs down, avoid these three rookie mistakes when it comes to insulating your home addition, kitchen, or bathroom remodel.

  • 5 high-impact home upgrades under $1,000

    A lack of impressive home upgrades can mean lost dollars for sellers and additional expenditures for buyers. These five high-impact home improvements impress for less.

  • 5 upgrades that sell your home

    Before you put your home on the market, choose the best upgrades. These home improvements can help ensure that your house gets the best return on investment in a competitive market.

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