Latest Countertop News

  • Countertops you can bust a move on

    If all your parties turn into dance parties, you need counters that can withstand your funkiest moves. We've put together a list of cool, durable counters you're sure to appreciate next time you climb on them to boogie.

  • Your guide to the best wood countertops

    Wood counters add warmth and depth to any kitchen design, but be sure you are selecting the best wood countertop for your house.

  • Your guide to engineered stone countertops

    If you love the beauty of granite and marble but want something more durable, you need to read this article on engineered stone countertops.

  • 3 factors that influence countertop choices

    Love the look of stone countertops? You'll find that look in everything from laminates to the real McCoy. But does anything beat real stone for longevity? Compare materials.

  • The final verdict on 7 kitchen countertop trends

    Kitchen countertop trends come in and out of fashion, but these styles and choices remain popular. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, here's what you can expect from the materials on the market today.

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