Latest Cleaning News

  • Garage storage solutions to cure clutter

    You dream about garage storage solutions - you want a place to put the car, you want to find your tools, and you don't want to get clobbered by your daughter's surfboard. Here's how to solve your garage storage problems.

  • Attack of the drones: spring cleaning 2013

    Robots that clean up around the house have made the jump from science fiction to homes around the globe. These high-tech tools masterfully take care of some of the worst parts of spring cleaning. Find out more about these mechanical marvels.

  • How to Clean Your Chimney

    Cleaning a chimney can be a noble DIY project, but are you sure it's a job you want to tackle? Find out what it takes to clean your chimney.

  • How To Clean Your Home

    Never be embarassed by drop-ins again! Follow these quick tips for cleaning your home daily, so that it stays ready for company at all times. And for the inevidable deep cleaning, a cleaning service can improve your life, and the health of your home.

  • How To Clean Your Office

    It's hard to focus and be productive in a dirty, cluttered office. Home office cleaning doesn't have to be a battle. Go on the offense with these three steps before your office has a chance to fight back.

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