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  • 5 natural ways to get rid of pests

    Got pests but don't want to go with toxic remedies? These organic, natural solutions can give you strong pest control for a much more comfortable home.

  • How to make or break your home sale

    What determines which houses will sell and which ones will languish on the market? These are the most common problems that prevent a sale, as well as the most common must-haves that ensure a good deal.

  • 10 must-dos before moving

    You made it through the house closing and you're preparing for the big move. Now put these 10 items on your must-do list before loading the truck.

  • 10 improvements to make your new home move-in ready

    You've bought a new home, and you can't wait to pack up and move, but few homes are 100 percent move-in ready. First, consult this checklist of home improvements that are best completed before moving day.

  • Rest easy: 4 ways to streamline home life

    Can't find enough hours in your day to get everything done? Then make your home work harder for you. These four strategies can make home life more relaxing at the end of the day.

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