Latest Cabinet News

  • Kitchen cabinets: 3 options for your kitchen remodel

    Planning a kitchen remodel? Here are three options for changing the look of your cabinets along with some helpful tips to guide your decision.

  • Remodeling grandma's kitchen: what you'd pay today

    Your kitchen might look surprisingly similar to your grandmother's kitchen -- or not -- but one thing is certain; costs have skyrocketed over the years. What's different about today's kitchen's and why the big price tag?

  • Transitional cabinetry and design: classy modern or sleek traditional?

    Transitional design brings together the best elements of traditional and contemporary design for a unique look that is outpacing all others in popularity. Find out more about this trend.

  • 4 home repairs you'd rather put off

    Every homeowner eventually has to make the decision: repair or replace parts of the house that are damaged or stop working. Find out what the experts say about some common problems you may encounter.

  • How to Clean Cabinets

    Cabinets collect dirt and grime during day-to-day use, and all that buildup can make them dull and sticky. A good cleaning on a regular basis can keep your cabinets looking great. Here's how to clean cabinets with do-it-yourself methods.

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