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  • 4 places to save big on a kitchen remodel

    Even executing the most modest kitchen remodel ideas can be costly. Learn where to find bargains on appliances, counters, cabinets, and fixtures when making kitchen upgrades.

  • 10 weekend home projects that cost almost nothing

    Looking to organize and clean up your house? Take this weekend and hit the job hard with these projects that provide a maximum home improvement value for a very minimal cost.

  • 5 ways home improvements can qualify for tax breaks

    If you could get a break on your taxes for certain home improvements, would that change your remodeling priorities? Here are five different ways the government helps you recoup some of your home improvement expenses.

  • Kitchen remodel ideas: DIY or call the contractor?

    Homeowners with costly creative kitchen remodel ideas may think DIY can save them money. Learn what types of kitchen remodel projects are suitable for various DIY skill levels and which you should let the professionals do.

  • Remodel ideas for a kitchen lost in the '80s

    Even on a tight budget, you can bring your 30-year old kitchen back to the future. Here are some creative home remodel ideas that can update your kitchen's style and functionality.

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