Latest Cabinet News

  • How to maximize kitchen cabinet storage and style

    No matter how large or small your kitchen, it seems you could always use more -- or better -- cabinet space. You don't to need remodel your kitchen to get it, though. Maximize your kitchen cabinets to amplify storage and style.

  • 12 DIY projects for every budget and skill level

    Looking to upgrade your home? Deciding which projects to tackle can be tough. We've got some recommendations.

  • How much time a kitchen remodel really takes

    How long does it take to plan a kitchen remodel? Whether weeks or months, the devil is in the details. Here are five steps not to skip before you start swinging that sledgehammer.

  • Choosing the right cabinet doors

    Looking for cabinet refacing ideas? Choosing the right doors can transform your kitchen. Here's what you need to know about the various types of cabinet doors on the market today.

  • 3 organization ideas for less stressful holidays

    Fall kicks off a string of fun holidays involving gift wrapping, home-made crafts, house guests, and feasting. These fall home organization ideas can help keep the holiday season mess and stress at a minimum.

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