Latest Bathroom News

  • Walk-in tubs for aging parents -- and for peace of mind

    Your parents worried about you and saw to your safety while you were growing up. Learn what measures you can take to keep them safe as they grow older, including home modifications like walk-in-tubs.

  • Welcoming an aging parent into your home

    Is welcoming an aging parent into your home in your future? According to a recent survey, many people think that could be a possibility. While it may not be a concern for a while, here are a few remodeling projects that could make your home a little more senior-friendly.

  • Great window treatments for your bathroom

    Window treatments in your bathroom must be carefully selected to avoid problems with mold and mildew. Here are a few options that can make your bathroom look stylish while avoiding the pitfall of moisture buildup.

  • Drop-in to walk-in: tubs that make a splash

    You want your bath remodel to make a big splash -- with you or potential home buyers -- not leave you feeling like you just took a financial bath. Here are some options that take tubs to the next level.

  • 5 fixes for funky bathrooms

    Are you so ashamed of your bathroom you won't let your guests use it? Here are five bathroom problems and how to fix them so you don't have to be embarrassed anymore.

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