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Small Kitchens

The size of a kitchen and how you arrange it can demonstrate creativity, logic, troubleshooting skills and strategic, interior design abilities. While large kitchens are a hot trend for homes built in the past decade, plenty of people have and prefer a more intimate space for food preparation and family meals.

When designing and organizing a small kitchen, it's important to avoid a cramped, chaotic feel and aim for a room that invites comfort, somewhere a family can work and enjoy time together. When you have accomplished this, you have mastered the unique art of successful, small kitchen design.

Effective elements for small kitchens

Space-saving, energy-efficient appliances are a must. Fortunately, there are plenty of compact or combination options from which to choose. Is storage space a main concern? Think about stylish, functional cabinetry that climbs the wall and includes pull-out shelves, Lazy Susans and dividers. Will a family eat in the space? Think about built-in tables and benches, smaller chairs or stool seating. No matter the budget, there are a number of elements that are ideal for small kitchens.

Get Help Finding:

Take note of these popular, small-kitchen features and their approximate costs:

  • Pull-out cabinet shelves: $30 to $400 per unit
  • Compact refrigerators: $80 to $600
  • Combination wall-oven and microwave: $2100 to $2600
  • Kitchen-nook table with benches: $500 to $3000
  • Hanging pot racks: $20 to $600

Remember, when space is limited and efficient work flow is of the utmost importance, every element should be considered carefully, with the needs of the household in mind.

Where to begin with the design and assembly of small kitchens

Take time to analyze your kitchen and consider the components that should be changed, removed or added to make the room more functional and welcoming. Talk to friends and neighbors with renovation experience. Seek advice and references from local contractors and kitchen design experts. You can jump-start your small kitchen remodel plans by completing the simple form on this page, now.