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Modern Kitchens

Often the term "modern" is mistaken for "minimalist." Though modern kitchens can have minimalist qualities, the two are not the same. Modern kitchens can include everything from simple minimalist lines to more a more traditional look that has been enhanced with serious technological bells and whistles.

What constitutes the modern kitchen?

Modern kitchens are often comprised of simple lines, dark woods and stainless steel. The space is often dramatic, with plenty of light that keeps the room from feeling cold. Open space makes it easy to entertain guests, and each section with a function all its own--such as the prep sink in the island or the separate melting burner on the popup range--can make the meal preparation easy, too.

Popular features of modern kitchens

The modern kitchen does not have to be cold and devoid of personality. On the contrary, a unique glass countertop and checked accent tile can become great focal points. Floating cabinets are popular, as are circular and oval islands or countertops with curves. Integrated sinks, artful faucets and repeating details in the space, such as pendant lights and backsplash patterns, are a hallmark of modern kitchens.

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Don't forget the technology! Modern kitchens are often on the cutting edge of innovation with options such as faucets that turn on with a wave of your hand or highly programmable appliances. High-end appliances that offer more than their original intention, such as a refrigerator that features a high-definition television in the door, or a smart system that turns on the lights when you enter the room, are becoming popular options for ultra-modern kitchens.

How to get started

Begin your search for the perfect modern kitchen by deciding which elements best fit your vision. Start with information about modern kitchen elements from places like faceyourkitchen.com or homeownernet.com. Then use the handy form on this page to get in contact with kitchen remodeling experts who can help you plan the design, choose the materials and put it all together to make your kitchen dream a reality.