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Contemporary Kitchens

The words contemporary kitchens may call to mind images of ultra-modern designs in monochrome and stainless steel but, in reality, contemporary kitchens come in a range of colors and styles as broad as your imagination. You can opt for something sleek and minimalist if you prefer, or you can add a modern twist to a traditional country kitchen design by combining styles and materials to create your own unique look.

These designs can be fitted to suit almost any budget too, from custom designed and fitted to an off-the-shelf kitchen to suit your space and lifestyle requirements. Alternatively, you could simply refresh your existing kitchen for a fraction of the cost and add some modern touches to give the room a more contemporary appeal.

Design ideas for your contemporary kitchen

There are several different design ideas that work for modern styles. For example, by knocking down walls, you can create an open kitchen. Consider some other design features common in modern styles:

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  1. Smooth curves and unusual shapes, such as an oval-shaped island
  2. Traditional designs with a modern twist--such as natural wood and stone combined with gleaming nickel or chrome
  3. Built-in appliances with all utensils etc. stored within the cabinetry for a simple, uncluttered finish
  4. Vibrant colors
  5. Sustainability and energy-efficiency

If you are looking to do a simple up-grade on your kitchen, choose any one or two of these ideas to get started. To create a custom look, it is not necessary to completely remodel your space.

Find good deals and get started

Don't rely on published prices; you can visit your local kitchen suppliers and ask about deals and discounts on any of the materials you might need to complete your own contemporary kitchen.

You can take the first step toward turning your contemporary kitchen design ideas into reality by filling in the form on this page to help find the right contractor for you.