8-part series on a kitchen transformation

April Dykman | Improvement Center Columnist | February 20, 2014

April Dykman renovated her outdated kitchen in Austin,TX. In this series she documents the whole renovation from planning and budgeting, through demolition, cabinet and countertop installation, tiling, and finally lighting and finishes. The finished look is farmhouse modern, and was completed for under $20,000.

Part 1: Planning and budgeting. Goodbye, outdated kitchen. Planning and budgeting for a complete renovation and a new, farmhouse-modern feel.

Part 2: Demolition. Where all the issues come to light. Dykman gets some help from Dad with a painted popcorn ceiling and a couple unpleasant discoveries.

Part 3: Cabinets. Configuring and installing cabinets is not as simple as it sounds. Some last-minute alterations are needed to accommodate the uneven floors.

Part 4: Appliances. Shopping with saving in mind. You might be happily surprised to discover how easy finding deals can be.

Part 5: Countertops. Choosing your perfect counters. By creating a simple list of three top factors to consider, Dykman is able to narrow down her numerous countertop options and find a winner.

Part 6: The island. Designing for ease-of-use and aesthetics. Dykman finds inspiration in barn wood and an out-of-sight, out-of-the-way mentality.

Part 7: Tiling. Getting creative with ceramics. What to do when you’re the daughter of a stone mason but your floors won’t support stone? See Dykman’s clever solution here.

Part 8: Lighting and finishes. The big reveal. With lights in place and finishes chosen, the kitchen is finally ready for lots of everyday use and love.

About the Author

April Dykman is a writer who specializes in real estate, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. Her work has been featured on MSNBC, Fox Business, Forbes MoneyBuilder, Inc. Magazine, and Yahoo! Finance.