Gutter Contractors

Jeffrey Anderson | Improvement Center Columnist | December 13, 2011

Your gutters perform the important job of moving rain water or melting snow off your home's roof and away from the foundation where it could cause expensive damage. If you're starting to see pools of water around the perimeter of your home after a rain, it may be time for new gutters, but it's not quite that simple--you have a few things to consider.

New gutter options

All gutter systems perform the same function, but the material you choose can either be an inexpensive product that blends in with your home's exterior trim or a more costly selection that may improve your house's curb appeal. An experienced gutter contractor can help you decide which style is right for your home and budget and may even be able to offer suggestions on how to improve your current layout.

Gutter contractors can often be found in your local phone book, but a better option might be using a website that connects you with contractors for home improvement projects in your region. Exterior siding distributors can also be a good source for finding a contractor to install your new gutters. When you discuss your new drainage system with your contractor, ask about these options:

  1. Vinyl gutters. Vinyl is a very budget friendly option for your exterior gutters. The material is available in several colors that should blend well with most homes' fascia boards, and it's just about maintenance-free. Expect to pay about $1.10 per linear foot for the materials and approximately $3.00 a foot for the installation labor
  2. Aluminum gutters. This low maintenance material is available in sections or as seamless guttering made on the job site. One of the advantages of aluminum guttering is that you have numerous color options that can either blend with your home's trim or offer a contrasting accent. The materials for a typical aluminum gutter system may cost about $2.75 a linear foot, and installation labor can run about $3.30 a foot
  3. Copper gutters. If you want to set your home apart from the other houses on the block, installing copper gutters can be a step in the right direction. Choose the modern K-style or the half-round shape often found on older homes, but expect to pay a little more for this beautiful guttering material. Copper gutter materials can cost about $7 to $9 a linear foot and installation labor can be an additional $3.30 a foot

These prices are all approximate and may vary depending on job site conditions and where you live. If you would like to receive a more accurate estimate from qualified local gutter contractors, please fill out the form on this page.