Featured Wood Garage Doors

Why a wood garage door distinguishes your home

No matter if you have a one, two, three or multi-car garage, the garage door is not only the way in and out, but an important part of the structure. Your garage door also should match the architecture and color scheme of your home, since it is a substantial portion of the home's frontage.

Garage door styles

Depending on your home's architectural style, your garage door can be sleek and modern or it can look like it belongs on a 19th century carriage house. There are four types of garage doors: overhead, swing, folding and sliding. Most modern attached garages lend themselves best to an overhead door. However, a swing, folding or sliding door can work well for a detached garage, workshop or barn. Overhead doors can also be built to mimic the look of any of the other types. Architectural styles include the following:

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  • coach house
  • colonial
  • country
  • Mediterranean
  • Southwest
  • vintage

Costs and materials

Wood garage doors are considerably more expensive than composite or metal doors. However, the cost is offset by their superior insulating qualities. Garage doors are typically seven feet in height and vary greatly in width. Eight foot high doors are becoming more common to accommodate larger vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs. Depending on a number of factors such as material, size, and complexity, the approximate cost for an 8-by-7' paintable wood door is around $3,000. For an 18-by-8' door, the ballpark price will be around $7,500. Stainable wood of a higher grade will add to this cost. Wood garage doors are typically constructed of the following materials:

  • alder
  • cedar
  • Douglas fir
  • hemlock
  • mahogany
  • redwood
  • red oak
  • white oak

Most garage doors today are equipped with automatic openers. There are three basic types of overhead openers: chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. The larger the door, the higher the horsepower rating the opener should have. A good quality overhead opener will cost from around $150 to $250. Openers for swinging and sliding doors are more expensive, starting at about $500 for a single-motor model and over $1,500 for a dual-motor system.

Manufacturers and contractors

Although you can find metal and composite doors at your local hardware or home improvement store, wood garage doors are a different proposition. Because most wood garage doors are custom or semi-custom, you specify the material, size, style and hardware to the manufacturer. Most manufacturers sell through distributors or installation contractors. Because of safety issues, not to mention the physical weight of a wood garage door, it is recommended that an experienced contractor perform the installation. Here are a few of the manufacturers who produce quality wood garage doors:

  • Amarr Garage Doors
  • Architectural Door Corporation
  • Ecker Door Company
  • Garage Doors Inc.
  • Holmes Garage Door Company
  • Overhead Door Corporation
  • Ranch House Doors
  • Raynor Garage Doors

When choosing a contractor, try to get a recommendation from a neighbor, friend, or family member who has had a similar service performed. At the same time, you can complete the form on this page to get connected with local contractors.