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Tile Flooring

With an infinite number of colors, styles and designs, tile flooring provides limitless design options for your home. Because it is smooth, strong and easy to maintain, tile is a popular choice for living spaces which may be prone to dirt, water and spills. These include, but are not limited to these areas:

  1. bathrooms
  2. laundry
  3. kitchen
  4. mud room
  5. entry/foyer

What is tile flooring?

Tile is a style of manufactured flooring material consisting typically of 1/2"- to 3/4"-thick squares laid out adjacent to one another and held together with grout. Floor tiles are also available in other shapes, such as octagonal and hexagonal or in mesh sheets in the form of mosaics.

Popular types of tile

  1. Ceramic: Glazed or unglazed, ceramic tile is made of clay, water and minerals fired at high temperatures until solid. Glazed ceramic tile's liquid glass coating helps it better resist stains, scratches, and other wear and tear better than unglazed. However, unglazed ceramic tile has a more even color throughout
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  3. Stone: This popular type of tile is made of natural stone and can be cut in either even or uneven pieces, depending on how rustic a look you would like to achieve. Some popular types of stone tile include granite, marble or travertine, which are slick and less uniformly colored than other types of tile
  4. Porcelain: Porcelain tile is more dense as a result of the high temperatures at which it is fired. This density makes it more resistant to moisture and ideal for spaces with high exposure to water

Environmental advantages

When heating is installed under the flooring surface, ceramic tiles are able to store and conduct heat well. Since the heat is evenly distributed, heated ceramic floors can help save on energy and heating costs. In addition, allergens have a difficult time settling or clinging to tile's hard surface, so air may be cleaner and less polluted in rooms with tile flooring.

While many may dismiss tile for being cold and hard, area rugs and floor runners are an easy and interchangeable solution. Because of its neutral yet handcrafted look, tile flooring makes changing or updating the look of your home easy, by allowing you to add new colors, textures and decor without having to change your flooring or create excess waste every time you choose to redecorate.

Costs for flooring tile and installation

Installing a tile floor costs an average of $4-$8 per square foot. Floor tiles are usually manufactured in sizes ranging from 4"-by-4" all the way up to 24"-by-24". The larger the tile size, the more expensive the tile usually is, so be sure to adjust your budget to account for additional costs when designing with larger tiles.

Professional installation is either charged by the square foot or by the piece, so the best deal on installation will depend on the size and material of the tile you are using. For reliable, local contractors who can provide you with product information and quotes, including installation, you can fill out the form on this page to get started shopping right away.