Room-by-room guide to flooring
Flooring options are seemingly endless. Need to narrow things down? The slideshow below takes a look at the typical wear-and-tear each room endures and the maintenance levels, pricing, and ease of installation for some of the best possible flooring options, room by room.





New flooring options once meant deciding what color and depth of wall-to-wall carpeting you wanted. But before buying new floors, why not consider all of today's options? Don't let lack of information limit your choices. This website provides images, articles, videos and local sources for exploring new flooring possibilities.

Want to upgrade from wall-to-wall carpet to terrazzo floors? Or are you deciding between ceramic tile and hardwood floors? The options are limitless. Do-it-yourselfers and budget shoppers will enjoy realistic-looking vinyl strips with self-adhesive tabs in wood or tile patterns, or easy-to-install wood laminates. If you're building a home, concrete floors with fascinating colors and visual textures look great with area rugs. Explore elegant berber carpets and cushiony plushes from Mohawk, Shaw, Karastan and others.

Spend some time browsing Home Improvement Center's many flooring topics and bookmark those that inspire you. Find local showrooms and meet local contractors. Learn what's afoot in the beautiful world of new floors.