Featured Vinyl Fencing

Protect your family with a low-maintenance vinyl fence

Whether to keep children or pets in your yard or to keep out people and animals, a fence is a great solution for protecting your family and adding polished charm and value to your home. The American Fence Association recognizes that vinyl fencing is cost-effective, low-maintenance and aesthetically appealing.

How much does vinyl fencing cost?

Like most manufactured fences, vinyl fences are made up of several components:

  • Pre-assembled fencing panels or rails and balusters/pickets
  • Posts and post accessories
  • Hardware, such as screws, connectors and stair brackets
  • Gate and gate hardware

Though pieces can be purchased individually, a vinyl fence kit contains many of the pieces you'll need for a certain length of fencing. Gate kits and posts are purchased separately. Lowe's currently sells 6-foot vinyl fencing kits for approximately $120 each, posts for $20-$25 each and gate kits for $150-$250. For these materials alone, fencing a 90-foot by 121-foot quarter-acre lot with one gate would cost approximately $10,000, not including additional materials, delivery or installation. Like any other building product, the price of vinyl fencing varies by quality and by manufacturer.

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Popular styles of vinyl fences

Fence manufacturers offer a selection of styles to complement your home exterior and your lifestyle:

  • decorative
  • picket
  • pool
  • privacy
  • semi-privacy
  • two- or three-rail ranch (split-rail)

Some manufacturers offer decorative features, such as arbors or lattices, and impressive gates.

What colors of vinyl fencing are available?

Though white is the most popular color of vinyl fencing, several colors are available from some manufacturers:

  • tan
  • khaki
  • gray
  • natural-looking, wood grain

Two-toned privacy fences, typically with colored panels and white trim and posts, are available from some companies.

Vinyl fences are safe and built to last

Many homeowners choose vinyl fencing because it's durable and requires little maintenance. Though a wood fence may cost less initially, it requires regular maintenance and can warp, mold, rot and crack. Though benefits may vary slightly by manufacturer, Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products recognizes the following advantages of its vinyl fencing:

  1. Vinyl fencing is almost maintenance-free and only requires an occasional washing with a brush, water and detergent.
  2. Mold can be removed with a mild bleach solution.
  3. Vinyl fencing is particularly safe for pets and children because fences don't splinter and have neither rough edges nor nails.
  4. Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products' fencing includes 10 percent titanium dioxide which prevents damage and yellowing caused by the sun's UV rays.
  5. Though vinyl can be toxic if burned, Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products' fencing is self-extinguishing and has a high flash point of 900 degrees.

How to find a fencing contractor

Are you ready to dig post holes? If not, consider getting an estimate from a fencing contractor. A fencing contractor should know the local building codes and can often recommend the best vinyl fence for your home and budget. The easiest way to find a contractor in your area is to complete the form on this page. You can also get in touch with the American Fence Association to search their member directory.