Latest Exterior Siding Guides

Considering giving your home a quick exterior face-lift by installing new exterior siding? Our comprehensive guides can help you decide which of the many veneer options might be a good choice for your exterior decor and budget. The tips and information should assist homeowners looking forward to a warm weather DIY project, but may also come in handy for those hiring a contractor for the job.

  • How much siding do you need for your home and about how much should it cost? Download this guide to learn how to estimate material and accessory quantities and figure potential costs.

  • Installing fiber cement on a home can very similar to vinyl, but there are a few important differences that can affect the outcome of your project. Download this guide to learn what special tools and techniques can be very helpful for homeowners planning a DIY project.

  • While still somewhat new on the siding scene, fiber cement siding is rapidly becoming a favorite of contractors and homeowners alike. Download this guide to find out what qualities are making fiber cement so popular and how many different styles and colors are offered.

  • Stone and brick veneer are extremely durable and can add a sense of warmth to your home's exterior appearance that's not available from too many other products. If you're considering one of these beautiful materials, download this guide to find out what's available and what important factors should play a part in your decision.

  • If you already have siding on your home, does it need to come off before the new siding goes on? Download this guide to discover the answer and learn more about prepping your home for a new exterior veneer.

  • While installing vinyl siding can be very DIY-friendly, there are some helpful tips that can make the job go faster and may contribute to a more attractive completed project. Download this guide to discover a few of the handy techniques the pros use when installing the product.

  • The most difficult part of a vinyl siding project might be deciding which of the many styles and products is right for your home. Download this guide for some help in navigating the selection process.

  • Stucco can give just about any home a regal appearance, but is it a good choice for a DIY project? Download this guide to discover more about this attractive siding choice and what should be considered before making it your selection.

  • Did you know that most exterior siding products aren't waterproof? Download this guide to find out what needs to be done to your home before the new siding goes on to help ensure moisture intrusion isn't a future problem.