Painting guides

Painting your home inside or out can be a significant undertaking in both time and expense. Fortunately, the effectiveness of new paint in terms of personalizing and updating your house often exceeds homeowner expectations. But there's a lot to know about getting the job done smoothly and correctly, even when you hire a contractor to do the work. This guide breaks down the process step-by-step so you'll understand the role you play, proper job sequencing, and the many options you have for products, services, and creativity.

  • Looking for some inspiration? You can (and should) peruse decorating magazines and websites, paint colors and palettes, paint types, decorating trends, homeowner association requirements, health and safety issues, and consumer publication ratings before you interview contractors.

  • You can finish your painting project with ease by defining clean-up expectations and responsibilities in advance with your contractor, labeling and storing leftover paint appropriately, and learning how to handle inevitable touch-up painting.

  • From getting referrals and checking contractors' business status to financial arrangements including final hold-back, this guide outlines steps you should take to ensure a positive outcome for your professional home painting project.

  • Wondering whether or not to stay in your home during interior painting? This guide has some ideas to help minimize inconveniences during your project, whether that means staying at home and getting out of the way.

  • Homeowners may be less surprised with house painting bids if they take the time to inspect their home and list problem areas. Here's how to get started.

  • There’s a lot more to painting than getting some color on the walls. In this guide, we talk about where to temporarily move your furniture, staying courteous to your neighbors, and conducting room-by-room inspections.

  • Learn how to deal with termites or carpenter ant damage, leaking windows, dragging doors, roof leaks, or other structural problems that could get in the way of your painting project.

  • You have a lot to consider when choosing your paint colors. This guide walks you through considering everything from your décor to your climate to your lighting – all things you’ll want to consider as you look for the perfect hue.