Front Door Styles

Roger Diez | Improvement Center Columnist | December 13, 2011

Your front door is the first impression a visitor gets of your home. It can project elegance, a warm welcome, or a sense of security. The front door style you choose should complement your home's architectural style and fit your personal aesthetic.

6 popular front door styles

Today's options for front door styles abound: They are limited mainly by the size of your home's entrance, and your budget. Your entryway dictates whether you might have a single or double door, sidelights or a transom.

These popular entry door styles run the gamut for price, material and design:

  1. Traditional: Simple, elegant lines. Wood is the preferred material, and costs can range from $175 to $990 for a single door, depending on material quality. Wood-grained fiberglass can also be used.
  2. Craftsman: Inspired by the Arts & Crafts design movement with simple panels and moldings. Traditionally made of wood, can also be wood-grained fiberglass. $175 - $1200 for a single door.
  3. Rustic: Evocative of a natural, country setting. Wood, or wood-grained fiberglass, rustic single doors cost from $175 to $1200.
  4. Luminary: Extensive use of glass to let in natural light. French doors are a typical example. Frames can be made of wood, fiberglass or vinyl. Single door costs range from $175 to over $1000, depending on the type and amount of glass.
  5. Old World: Features iron grillwork, European design, and etched glass. Can be made of wood, fiberglass or metal. Costs range from $200 to well over $1000, depending on intricacy.
  6. Modern: Sleek lines, contemporary patterns. Metal is a preferred material. Costs can range from $125 to $800 for aluminum or steel, and more than $2000 for stainless steel.

Double doors can double the cost, and options such as sidelights and transoms may also increase the final bill. Add intricacy, such as etched or beveled glass, ironwork or exotic hardware, and the cost increases. A set of mahogany double doors with multiple glass panels and sidelights can easily cost five figures.

Front door manufacturers

Whether you purchase your door at a home improvement store, or directly from the manufacturer, make sure the company is reputable and provides a good warranty. Some of the better-known manufacturers of entry doors are Eagle, Fleetwood, Jeld-Wen, Marvin, Milgard, Pella, Simpson and Weather Shield.

The right front door style will make a positive first impression on visitors and guests, while expressing your personal taste and demonstrating pride in your home.