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Granite Countertops

Granite is a near-perfect material for countertops because it has an extremely hard surface that is impervious to moisture and extremely resistant to scratching and staining. Granite countertops typically are custom-made and are cut from a slab to perfectly match a home's countertop measurements. Though expensive, they add a rich look and unparalleled elegance to kitchens and bathrooms.

Popular colors and styles

Natural granite comes in a huge array of color choices. Granite countertops also can be finished in many different styles, from textured, matte or polished, and the edges of countertops can be finished in many different styles. Choosing the perfect countertop color, pattern and edging to complement a home's cabinetry, flooring and wall coloring can be quite a daunting task; however, the advice of a professional could help narrow down the many choices and options. Keep in mind that cool colors such as blues and greens can provide the illusion of open space and formality, while warmer colors such as yellows, brown and reds typically make a space feel more comfortable. The amount of natural light that enters a kitchen or bathroom also is a strong consideration when choosing a color pattern for granite countertops.

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Granite countertop costs

Consumer Reports states that granite countertops are a solid investment for homeowners because they offer excellent practicality and durability in a high-end product. Large home improvement retailers offer granite countertops for as little as $40 per square foot. Preferred materials or hard-to-find colors could cost as much as $100 per square foot with installation. Custom edging, such as bullnoses, bevels or double-curved ogees give any countertop added flair, but the additional work can boost costs as much as $50 per linear foot. Keep in mind that a large, solid slab of granite is among the costliest countertop materials on the market due to its size, weight and difficult installation requirements.


Here's where granite outshines just about every other countertop material on the market. Granite is one of the hardest materials in existence, and it can long outlast every other element used in construction of a home. Many people like to cut and chop food on their granite countertops, which is fine--if you want to quickly dull your knives!

Granite countertops can easily withstand the heat from a scorching hot pan, and they won't scratch or nick with heavy abuse, either. Granite also has excellent resistance to staining from the acidity in foods and cleaning agents. However, because granite is a naturally porous stone, countertops made from granite should be treated periodically with a protective sealant to maintain the stone's integrity.

Ready to buy? Here's how to get started

For many homeowners, cost is one of the main factors in the decision to purchase granite countertops. When seeking proposals from companies that provide natural stone products and installation, a few of the questions that homeowners should ask include:

  1. How long the company has been in business?
  2. Do they have examples of successfully completed jobs?
  3. Do quoted prices include things such as custom edging and sealants, or are those costs add-on extras?

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