Featured Wood Cabinets

Wood Cabinets

Nothing gives a room a more noticeable update than a new set of cabinets. Because they come in so many different styles, colors, brands and designs, wood cabinets can be crafted to fit virtually any room or decor.

Popular brands and their typical costs

From budget to high end, cabinet brands run the gamut of design, materials and price. Below are just a few of the top manufacturers.

  1. Armstrong: With a range of wood types including cherry, maple, oak, birch and plantation hardwood, Armstrong is known for their high-quality, well-designed cabinets. Price varies based on wood type and door style, but a custom cabinet job for an entire room can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Ikea: Ikea wood cabinets come finished or unfinished, and typically feature simple designs. Ikea cabinets are ideal when you want to finish your cabinets yourself or when you want a clean, contemporary look. Free standing or wall mounted, Ikea cabinets can be customized for a small room for under $1,000, or sold individually for as little as $80.
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  4. KraftMaid: The industry leader in creating custom cabinetry for all rooms in a home, KraftMaid is also the largest cabinet manufacturer in the world. KraftMaid cabinets are available at large retail outlets, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty. While a custom kitchen design with solid cherry cabinets can run upwards of $30,000, different styles and wood types can certainly cost less.
  5. Merillat: While Merillat has a range of custom cabinetry, they also have more than 15 stock door styles to choose from. Having this semi-custom cabinet option means you can save money without a custom price tag. You can purchase Merillat cabinets through a professional cabinet installer in your area. To find one, fill out the form on this page or ask a friend to refer you to an installer they trust.

Popular styles

Wood cabinets come in a variety of styles. Flat panel wood cabinets, for instance, have a more contemporary look, and their door styles have clean, sleek lines with recessed center panels. Raised panel cabinets, on the other hand, are more traditional in style, with the middle part of their doors or drawers raised to the same plane as their frames. The detail on their doors give a feel of elegance to the design. Finally, arch style cabinets have an eyebrow or cathedral arch at the tops of their doors, offering a classic--and sometimes rustic--cabinet style.

Where to buy and how to get started

If the warm, never-out-of-style look of wood cabinetry is for you, use the form on this page to find local contractors who can give you product information and price quotes for your new cabinets and installation.